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英文学会 (English Language Society)
         The English Language Dept and Society has played an important role in helping the school achieve its aim in improving the standard of English among the student as well as promoting the usage of the language.
         Currently, there are 10 dedicated English teachers serving in the department. The Departmental Head oversees and co-ordinates the programmes and syllabii of every form. Everyone in the department is cooperative and does their job extremely well. The English teachers work very hard and constantly improve themselves with new teaching methodologies and approaches in the English language.
         As the English Dept. strives to meet the objectives of the school, English teachers are encouraged to plan and implement suitable methodologies in their teachings. Over the years the English Dept. has arranged many training programmes, seminars, and workshop for the English teachers. The English teachers were sent to attend various ELT conferences and seminars on English Language Teaching organized by Dong Zhong.
         The English Dept. also launches an English Week campaign every other year. The aim of the campaign is to enable the students to listen more English as well as to speak in English. Projects such as Word Trees, Bulletin Boards and proverbs and idioms are put up by the English Language Society to promote the use of the language.
         Over the years oral classes were organized for the students so as to create a different environment for them to speak in English. The Multi-media Computerized language lab was set up in February 2006 to conduct the oral lessons and online lessons. Videos, CDs, VCDs and other materials are used.
         The English Department with the help of the English Language Society organize a lot of activities for the students annually. Some of the activities are Essay-Writing Competition, English Story-telling and Speech Competition and workshops. The Department also conducts camps for Primary School children in May annually and actively takes part in the year end-
school camp for Standard Six students. Tuition classes are conducted by our teachers free of charge to Standard Six students who intend to join our school. In recent years, we have also held debating contests and workshop and have participated in the Rotary Club in English Debate and also students have the opportunity to participate in the National Debating Workshop organized by HELP University College.          The English Dept. will continue in its effort to help the school in achieving its goals in which every student will be able to speak, listen, read and write in English.


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