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科学学会 (Science Society)
        Science is both practical and theoretical. As we study Science, we have to conduct experiments in order to fully understand what we are learning, rather than learning based on theories.

        The Science Society is dedicated to enhancing the students’ appreciation of Science. We emphasis in hands-on learning, as in we carry out experimental procedures based on the theories that we study. This is especially effective for students to study Science, as they understand the theory behind when they do the experiments.

        In the Science Society, students are also given the opportunity to develop leadership qualities. Students arrange great science activities by themselves, while teachers guide them on their tasks and explain the theories. Besides, members are free to express their ideas on what science projects they would like to do. As teacher advisor Mr Lum Kok Seng always say, ‘This is you society, whatever you do is for your benefit, so be sure to make good use of the opportunity given.’

        Teachers and students work well in the activities. We always have fun topics to explore. This may instill the attitude of Science in students: Curiosity and Determination.

1) Services: Helping out during camp of little rain.
2) Objectives:
- To build up interest in Science among the students.
- To improve the level of Science in students.
- To inculcate a sense of knowledge in Science among the
- To develop leadership qualities.
3) Targets:
- To enroll more students as the member of Science society.
- To promote the level of knowledge among the students.
4) Activities (During ECA period):
a) Experiments (Biology test, Chemistry test, Physical test.)
b) Revisions (Involving teachers’ guidance)
c) Lessons given by teachers.
5) Organized activities:
- A trip (Science centre in KL)
- Objectives: - To increase the knowledge of members.
- To build up a good relationship between the members.

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