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合唱团 (Choir)
成立合唱团的宗旨Choir was established to:

(一) 认识文艺歌曲: 为了让学生对文艺歌曲有更深一层的认识, 本团特别聘请专业的歌唱老师引导团员们, 教导发声、合唱等技巧,以带领学生接触文艺歌曲, 投入音乐世界, 培养对该方面的兴趣, 并藉此了解自己对音乐的敏感度。
Recognize literary song: To enable students to literary songs have deeper understanding, we specially hired professional singing teacher to teach the members vocal, choral and other skills to lead them in contact theatrical songs into the music world, cultivate interest in this aspect, and to understand their sensitivity to music.

(二) 发掘有天分的人才:在老师循循善诱的引导之下,团员们大有机会成为出色的文艺歌手。因此,凡是对该方面有兴趣的学生,不妨尝试加入合唱团的大家庭,以提升歌唱技巧,接受专业训练,日后有更多表演的平台可供您发挥。对钢琴演奏有兴趣者亦可加入本团,除了能与同学们分享好听的音乐,也可以一展身手,帮文艺歌曲参赛者伴奏,为学校活动出一份绵力。
Explore the talented people: Under the guidance of a teacher in persuasive, a great opportunity to become members of their outstanding literary singer. Therefore, those who are interested in this aspect of the students, try to join the choir of the family, to improve singing skills, professional training, there are even more performances in the future that you can play. For piano are interested can join the group, in addition to share good music with the students, can also have a go, help theatrical song accompaniment contestants for school activities out of a limited power.

(三) 学习一技之长:课余活动应以健康,有意义为首要原则,不浪费时间,反之能使身心收益,精神又有所寄托,并与学校生活相辅而行。合唱团除了能让学生学得一技之长外,更能陶冶身心,抒解压力,尽情地投入音乐的怀抱,绝对符合以上的条件。另一方面,学生还可培养默契及合作精神,对于日后的职业生涯大有帮助。
Learning a skill: Extracurricular activities should be healthy, meaningful primary principle. Also make the physical and mental benefits, but also spiritual sustenance. Choir not only allows students to learn skills, the better to cultivate body and mind, relieving stress, enjoy the music into the embrace. On the other hand, students also foster understanding and spirit of cooperation, for the future career of great help.

对未来的展望 Society’s future prospect
本团为了在学校有更好的表现,经过委员们与老师经商讨后,设定了短期及长期的目标。The society to perform better in school, after discussions with the teachers, we set short-term and long-term goals.

短期的目标如Short-term goals such as:
√ 提升歌唱技巧
   Enhance singing skills
√ 提升纪律及培养合作精神
   Enhance discipline and cultivate a spirit of cooperation

长期目标如Long-term goals such as:
√ 继续发掘更多在歌唱方面有天份的人才
   Explore more talented in singing talent
√ 壮大发展成为有实力的团体
   Become strength of society
√ 培养学生在文艺歌曲方面的兴趣
   Students interested in literature and art song aspect

Objectives set forth above is not only on paper must be strongly supported by teachers and students and cooperation, in order to allow the choir to achieve the desired goal, the school has a place to play.


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