The main tasks of International Department include helping foreign students to apply for visa and residence permit, as well as taking care of foreign students in their studies and daily life, helping them to adapt to Malaysia culture and the life in school. Furthermore, International department needs to help to solve difficulties that foreign students encountered in their academics and daily life. Instead of this, International Department ensures that foreign students can enjoy their school life, with the love and care from teachers and friends. International department organise several activities every year, such as: Orientation program, outdoor visit, enjoying local food, decoration of window display, International Food Fair, dance performance in school celebration and etc to be participated by foreign students.



  1. 招收外国生。

      To responsible for the recruit of international student.

  1. 于外国推销本校之办学。

      To promote school’s offered syllabus abroad.

  1. 接见外国家长,解说本校的办学方针及了解其孩子入学意愿。

      To attend to foreigner parents enquiries & explain on school’s offered syllabus & mission and to understand their wish of enrolment.

  1. 办理学生签证,仔细审查申请文件与护照,绝不能出差错。

     To responsible on international student’s visa with checking on all application documents to avoid any error occurred.

  1. 定期关怀学生,尤其刚离家的新生,协助他们解决日常生活和学业上的一些困难。

      To assist new students to adapt to the new environment in terms of normal life and academic progress regularly.

  1. 常与家长交流,保持良好关系并协助解决一些份外的要求,下班后甚至晚上假日常需与外国家长联系。

      To keep close contact & maintain a close relationship with foreigner parents and to assist them accordingly. (Including after work hour or during holidays).

  1. 关心学生的学习进度,照顾学生的寄宿生活、与大马文化的交融。

      To help them in adapting to their studies, hostel life and Malaysia culture.


未来方针Future policy

  1. 爱心关怀,让家长放心,对学校有信心。

      To be caring to students, so that parents are convinced with the quality of the school.

  1. 关注学生健康、行为及安全。

      To take care and be concerned of student’s health, behavior, and safety.

  1. 实践爱心教育,关怀学生学业及学习态度,提升学生的自信心。

      To implement caring education, take care of student’s studies and attitudes, as well as improving their confidence.

  1. 成立外国学生自治会(FSA)。

      To establish Foreign Students Association (FSA).

  1. 加强与国外家长的联系。

      To enhance communication with parents.

  1. 组织国外家长联谊会。

      To establish association among parents of foreign students.

  1. 加强招生宣教,增加学生来源。

      To enhance enrollment of students.