Poi Lam Intake 20230924


「培南独中招收 2023年新生/插班生」


欢迎 WhatsApp 至 011-21553363,
或者登录我校官网 www.poilam.edu.my。





Poi Lam High School is recruiting new students/transfer students in 2023

Poi Lam High School starts to recruit new students~~

The transition from Standard 6 to Junior 1 is one of the important learning milestones for children.
We offer the Unified Exam Certificate (UEC) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), whether you want to learn in Chinese, Or learn in English, it's up to you!


Want to know more,
You may WhatsApp to 011-21553363,

Or log on to our official website www.poilam.edu.my.

Welcome to join us!

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